We strongly believe that the objects we surround us with tell stories, and as a maker of exclusive and bespoke furniture we like to think that we are just that, story tellers. All our pieces have a history, a specific setting and its own context. Yet often we discover that the end result is bigger than the project.


Everything available at Materials by Nude has its origin in Nude ateljé, our Stockholm based creative atelier working in architecture, furniture and interior design.


Nude ateljé specialize in tailor-made projects and objects.


We work traditionally with wood, stone, glass and concrete and every piece is handcrafted by our dedicated carpentry team in
Riga, Latvia, to the highest standards.


Piece by piece, room by room, this is what we mean when we say that architecture and interior design is all about curiosity in materials, shapes, forms and in people. Under the name Materials by Nude you will find the objects and stories we think worth remembering and sharing.